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Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted Lanternflies are a highly destructive, invasive insect posing a lethal threat to many native and ornamental plants, including oaks, fruit trees, other vegetation we love to have around our homes.  So severe is the threat that several areas in the Winchester region are under state-ordered quarantine to slow the spread. 

While the full impact of this invasive is not yet known, the consensus is that it will bring significant damage to agriculture, native forests, and home landscapes if left unchecked.  At present, state and local officials are working hard to manage the spread but residents can have an important role in stopping it.  If you see Spotted Lanternflies, or signs of potential egg masses on trees in your yard or out on a walk, note the location and take a photo for a positive identification.  Share the photo and the location with your local Agriculture/Horticultural extension office which allows them to track the spread of the invasive. 

Life Cycle

Spotted Lanternflies - Life Cycle

If the insects are on your property, please contact our office to devise a control program.  With professional tools and resources the pests are easy to control in a manner that protects beneficial insects and pollinators.  The nature of their feeding and life cycle can make homeowner control of the Spotted Lanternfly challenging so please seek professional advice before attempting to control it yourself. 

Don't be fooled by their pretty exteriors; these insects will kill your plants and trees. Contact Weed Man Lawn Care Winchester for more information. 

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